Saturday, November 29, 2008

Licensing in Indiana

I've always been confused about what all the initials mean after social worker's names. ACSW seems to be a popular one, but I never knew what that mean. So I spent some time learning about Indiana licensing and the NASW credentials. Here's what I understand:

An LSW (a licensed social worker) can be obtained on two levels in Indiana. There is the BSW, LSW, or the licensed bachelor of social work. The BSW, LSW social worker obtained their BSW from an accredited institution, then spent two years practicing before they were eligible to take the exam. The second level of LSW is the MSW, LSW, which is the master's level license. This social worker graduated with their MSW from an accredited institution and is eligible to take the LSW exam immediately after graduation.

The LCSW (a licensed clinical social worker) in Indiana is a MSW who has practiced for two years under supervision of an LCSW and during those years worked in a position that was at least 50% therapeutic practice.

Both levels of the LSW and the LCSW exam are offered through the ASWB, or the Association of Social Work Boards. The link to the exam is here: ASWB.

So what is with the ACSW? The ACSW stands for the Academy of Certified Social Workers. Well, NASW, or the National Association of Social Workers, offers credentials to NASW members in good standing. These are not licenses to practice in your state. The NASW has their own standards for obtaining the ACSW, which includes two years of postgraduate work supervised by another MSW and professional evaluations.

The NASW also offers certifications. There are currently seven certifications, which include the C-SWHC (Certified Social Worker in Health Care), the C-CATODSW (Certified Clinical Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Social Worker), AND THE C-CYFSW (Certified Children, Youth, and Family Social Worker). A link to the NASW credential website is here: NASW Credentialing.


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