Sunday, November 16, 2008

NASW Code of Ethics

A link to the NASW's Code of Ethics


shazia said...

great work

Anonymous said...

Your comments were very informative and helpful. For instance, your comment on acknowledging that there were more questions geared towards the
DSM-IV reverted my attention back to review more information. I did not know the process in obtaining a license was so time consuming. I initially submitted my application the beginning of June and the ASWB is still reviewing my paper work.
Thanks again,
Denita, PA

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Ethics is a course that I take that I don't use most of the time and I bet that it is the same for a lot of people.

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I know a lot of persons in the government that obviously don't know what ethics are, but this shit happens for our fault.

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Wow, theres some nice links there - where do you find them all? I’m going to read all those through in detail and apply a few.. Thanks for sharing!